unlock an effortless existence today.

Control your relationships with businesses to make life easier and more secure. 

How it works

3 steps to complete control

1. Sign up

We require some basic details and to confirm your identity.

2. Set access

Select the organisations that you've shared your contact information with.

3. Control

All your contact information shall be updated and manageable from one secure location.


ultra-secure technology

We use military grade security architectures to ensure your data is protected to the very highest of standards.

Take control!

Keep your details up to date

Whatever the reason, Pribox allows you to change your contact details in seconds.


No more waiting on hold for hours to notify the bank! 

Time-restrict access

Want to share your details but don't want that business to store your contact details for long?


Now you can limit the time that a business can access your information in just a few clicks.


We're experts in creating secure systems to protect data from online threats. We offer these solutions to the businesses you invite to Pribox and, if they decide to use them, we will let you know that your data has been appropriately secured.

Simple share

No more paper forms! 

Share your details by scanning the QR code on paper forms from within the mobile app and wave goodbye to paper forms.


How is this free? 

We don't sell your data. We sell security solutions.

Data Protection is now a principle risk for any organisation and we have an array of solutions that we offer organisations to help them secure personal data and comply with relevant legislation. In return for you putting us in touch with these businesses, we provide you with some pretty neat tools that we hope will help make your life that bit easier, and we do this free of charge. 

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